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Airplane crashed in South Sudan (2): occupants all safe

Wau, South Sudan - A spokesperson of the South Supreme Airlines affirmed it


(WAPA) - Further details on the crash occurred to the airplane of South Supreme Airlines on the runway of the South-Sudanese airport of Wam arrive always by the local newspaper "National Courier", that on its pages of a social network reported the declaration of a carrier's spokesperson. It has reassured affirming that all people on board (seems 44) are safe. Passengers and crew would have been moved away from the aircraft before that it was "destroyed" by the flames. Occupants have been transported to the hospitals for the appropriate treatments.
The short article reported also the proof by a passenger who only a few days before was on the same airplane in the equal route: "it was a time question before a such crash would occur", it said.
Now it works about to find the causes of that according to the newspaper of Juba continues to report as "crash". (Avionews)

(World Aeronautical Press Agency - )
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