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Planes and Alitalia. The president of Intesa Sanpaolo: the bank is willing to support the airline even if it is not pleased with the investment

Milan, Italy - Gros-Pietro believes that the company is important for the good of the Country and trusts Etihad for its relaunch


(WAPA) - Being questioned today on the occasion of an event in Milan, the president of Intesa Sanpaolo Gian Maria Gros-Pietro said that he understands the disappointment that the CEO of Unicredit Jean Pierre Mustier showed yesterday for the lost investments in Alitalia, but underlined the need to support the airline for the good of Italy. The company "performs an essential service, which is useful to feed not only tourism, that is an essential pillar of our economy, but also to feed those commercial and cultural interactions that make Italy an advanced Country". The manager confirmed the willingness of Intesa -which as Unicredit is creditor and shareholder of Alitalia- to support as a bank the development of the airline, helping by the means of credit "a business plan that shall be bearable and that shall forsee the commitment of industrial operators capable of leading Alitalia towards new targets". Gros-Pietro believes that Etihad -partner of Alitalia and major shareholder with the 49% of its share capital- is able to carry out this task.
Yesterday Jean Pierre Mustier at the end of the budget meeting of Unicredit had answered the press and remembered how the bank lost half billion euros in three years among allocations and devaluations. For this reason, according to Mustier it is necessary that the solution be bearable, "otherwise there is no solution". (Avionews)

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