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California: plane lands on the freeway: save

For an engine failure; no wounded on the ground -2 VIDEO

A Beech F33A Bonanza tourism plane due to an engine failure was the protagonist in the late afternoon of yesterday of a spectacular and dangerous emergency landing on the Freeway 55 of Costa Mesa, near the north exit of Del Mar Avenue, near the fair district of Orange County, California. The aircraft has touched the ground in a rather daring way according to what was declared by the pilot, Izzy Slod, and it was thanks to his promptness and a generous part of luck that the inconvenience did not cause victims at the ground.

The Beechcraft had taken off from the San Diego airport to Van Nuys, in the Los Angeles district, when the engine went off, explained Slod. It is useless to try to restart it, and it is useless even to try an emergency landing at the nearby "John Wayne" airport of Orange County, or on the beach, because of the contrary wind. "I saw an opening on the highway and I went straight away", he said, adding: "the strong wind that prevented us from getting to the airport helped us to land safely on the highway".

But he found himself having to overcome an overpass before touching the tarmac: "I had to evaluate in a second if I could or could not get over it in flight, but we did not have the speed to do it, so I went under it. . ". To the fire brigade on the site it was arrived the call about an aircraft crashin the fair district and they were ready for the worst. But they found an intact aircraft stopped in the street, and two understandably shaken but safe people "An authentic double miracle", said Costa Mesa Fire Department official Chris Coatez, "if we also consider the lack of drivers in the moment in which the pilot decided to land there".

FAA, Federal Aviation Administration, has opened an investigation. 

Below, the aircraft shortly after landing, and in the second video the pilot's statements:

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