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Nigeria: Delta plane diverts route in emergency

5 wounded in evacuation on slides at the Lagos airport

The measure taken for a technical problem at an engine

An Airbus A-330/200 aircraft of the American Delta Air Lines, N858NW registration, DL55 flight took off yesterday around 11:00pm local time from the 18R runway of the Nigerian airport of Lagos, was forced to reverse course approximately 8 minutes later, and to return to the departing airport due to a problem with one of the engines. The airliner was directed to the "Casablanca Airport" in Atlanta, United States with an unknown number of people on board.

"The airplane landed safely", the same carrier said it in these hours, but 5 passengers were slightly injured during the evacuation from the plane through the escape slides. Some press reported that Pratt & Whitney, the manufacturer of the turbine in question, is collaborating with the Nigerian authorities (specifically NCAA), to assess the causes of what happened.

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