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Alexis Reichert record-woman on human-powered helicopter

Today the record anniversary reached five years ago -VIDEO

On September 24, 2013, Canadian pilot Alexis Reichert set a new female world record for flight duration in a human-powered rotorcraft by staying airborne for 53 seconds in the Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter. Ratified by FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) her record-breaking flight fell into the air sports category Experimental/New Technologies. It was conducted at The Soccer Centre in Ontario, Canada less than a year after initial flight-testing of the Atlas began, and was measured using video analysis of the flight data.Alexis’ achievement came just a few months after her brother Todd Reichert smashed the general record by managing a 64-second flight, during which the Atlas reached a height of 3.3 metres. His efforts allowed the Atlas project to claim the "$250,000 AHS (American Helicopter Society) Igor I. Sikorsky Challenge" requiring a human to hover to an altitude of 3 metres under his/her own power, and to remain aloft for at least 1 minute in 2013. It was partly funded by the "$20,000 Prince Alvaro de Orleans Borbon Grant" – awarded to Todd Reichert by the FAI in 2012. The Atlas Human-Powered Helicopter is the brainchild of AeroVelo, the company Todd Reichert set up with his partner Cameron Robertson to work in collaboration with the Human-Powered Vehicle Design Team at the University of Toronto in Canada.

Below, the video about the test with which Alexis Reichert set the record:

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