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MIT: first flight of the plane powered by the ion wind

Eco-friendly and silent mini aircraft that can allow new developments

The mini-aircraft developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) carried out its first indoor flight, rising from the ground about half a meter and covering a distance of about 60 meters. Judging from these data does not seem a great goal but this mini aircraft is fully powered by ion wind or a very high-speed ion flow, which makes it silent and ecological as it does not use fossil fuel and is devoid of engine or turbines.

To be able to take off the plane of the MIT requires an electric field of electrons, through which it manages to generate the necessary charge to be able to move creating a flow of ions that maintains the energy and gives it the necessary thrust to make it fly. Mechanism similar to that used in space with the difference that on the Earth are used particles absent from the atmosphere to generate propulsion. This "first flight" is the demonstration that it is theoretically possible to feed the aircraft with the "ion wind", even if it is difficult to imagine developments in this sense in the coming years; in fact, the studies of MIT will continue especially to study alternative and less polluting methods of propulsion.

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