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USA-EU: soon customs duties on helicopters, planes and industrial products?

Retaliation for State aid to Airbus

US President Donald Trump returns to threaten the European Union by announcing a series of new duties in response to illegal economic aid provided by EU States to the aerospace company Airbus, a historic rival to the US giant Boeing. The idea of Washington is to impose tariffs for 11.2 billion dollars (about 10 billion euros) on some products imported by the EU, even if the exact amount of the duties will be the object of the discussion of the arbitration at summer the World Trade Organization (WTO). This new maneuver was announced by US trade representative Robert Lightizer who pointed out that the WTO itself has repeatedly ascertained that EU subsidies to Airbus have had negative repercussions for the American market (see AVIONEWS).

The list of products that will be subject to duties is 14 pages long and also includes helicopters, civil aircraft over 15 tons and some components for the aerospace industry made in France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. If the new tariffs were to come into force, they will also affect the agri-food supply chain since they would have increased taxation on various cheeses and wines, as well as swordfish steaks, salmon fillets, fruit and olive oil.

It will be up to the WTO to decide whether these duties can be applied or not, or it will be up to the European Union and the United States to find a compromise agreement that avoids the beginning of a possible trade war, potentially harmful for both counterparts.

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