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Heathrow: it's unacceptable waiting 2 hours for passport control

Hard words of the British Airways CEO to the May Government

Two hours in a row to pass the passport checks at Heathrow International Airport, in London, are to be considered unacceptable and absurd for British Airways CEO Alex Cruz, who sent a letter to "The Times" on Monday in which he asked to the Theresa May's government to make something about it, especially in view of "Brexit".

Also because now these checks are only on passengers on non-European flights, but from March 29, 2019 if an agreement with the European Union (EU) shouldn't be reached, they will be made to each person departing and arriving at the airports, which it could lead to longer waiting times, especially in the UK main airport and -for passenger numbers- in Europe.

"The two-hour queues for those coming from outside the EU have become normal", wrote Cruz, but they are too long because they should be 45 minutes at most. A government solution will also have to be found on this, because if you arrive at a "hard-Brexit" the waiting time necessary for the control of passports could increase dramatically.

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