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USA: suspended operational tests with the F-35 aircraft

Waiting for the development of new software

The fifth-generation F-35 fighter aircraft should have carried out the first operational tests with the Air Force (USAF) and with the Navy in September, but it would seem that the Pentagon has decided to suspend them pending an update of the software that manages the weapon system. This is because the current version would have been used only for the first tests, where only low-level threats were dealt with by stealth planes; in order to increase the capacity of the threats, it will be necessary to wait for the development of the new software 30R02.

This should be introduced within the next two months, allowing it to resume training activities that simulate operational situations that may need to be addressed by pilots and the F-35 in the future. The last before entering the aircraft by October 2019 at full capacity both in the fleets of the armed forces and in the production line, allowing to reduce the cost per aircraft.

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