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USA: Trump signs the act that establishes the "Space Force"

The final vote will be of the Congress

The US President Donald Trump signed yesterday the act that formalises the birth of the "Space Force" which -at the moment- will be submitted to the Department of the Air Force and its Secretary Heather Wilson. The final decision now passes to the Congress which will have to approve the one issued by Trump with the Space Policy Directive 4 (SPD-4), which also provides for the establishment of the position of head of the space force staff to be held by a general (four-star like that of the USAF). The establishment of the new armed force incorporated in the aeronautics is however considered the first step from the separation of the space policy from the USAF, allowing the United States to continue to increase its capabilities in this field, especially in the military field where competition is strong, China and Russia (AVIONEWS).

The human capital of the "Space Force" will arrive from the military and civilian personnel that currently supports the space operations in the different armed forces and will therefore bring some members of the Army and Navy to be incorporated into the Air Force, which according to some officials of the Pentagon to the US press would not be a serious problem, and easily solved in the future. Obviously to do this we will need to get to the separation of the two branches, but this weighs many doubts about the costs, since the USAF had estimated them in about 13 billion dollars in the next 5 years while for the new Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan create a new Armed Force will cost less than 5 billion dollars.

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