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B-737 Max airplane: new problems, could a bundle of cables cause short circuits?

Further slowdowns for Boeing

The problems for Boeing never seem to end: a new defect would have been discovered at the B-737 Max, the plane model that was grounded all over the world following the fatal accidents in Ethiopia and Indonesia that caused the death of 346 people (see AVIONEWS). The company is checking whether two cables bundles have not been assembled too close with the danger of causing a short circuit capable of precipitating the plane if the pilots were unable to respond promptly. If the risk is confirmed, Boeing will have to modify all aircraft to pull the cables away. A procedure that could take about two hours of work, but which adds to the series of complications that are slowing the return of the aircraft to the skies: Boeing had recently announced the suspension of the production of the B-737 Max with damage of over 15 billions of dollars and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) may not approve the return of the plane to service before March.

In the meantime, the American giant intends to close the USD 4 billion agreement for the acquisition of 80% of the activities in the civil sector of the Brazilian company Embraer, a global manufacturer in the commercial aviation sector.

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