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Planes. Ireland vs Ryanair on restrictive measures

Low-cost carrier sued the state on anti-covid measures

A great crosstalk: low-cost airline Ryanair asked for clarification in court on measures introduced by Dublin government regarding the containment of Covid-19 and the reply was not long in coming. Irish company has not used mincing words in recent days to describe what have been interpreted as "meaningless, outrageous and confusing restrictions"; in last few hours, Irish state responded and tried to placate the spirits. Ireland was clear in this regard, reiterating that measures are simply advisory and not binding. The legal debate took place in the High Court of the British country.

Ryanair's action was brought against the nation itself, the Attorney General and Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin. Among the other positions taken by the airline was the one according to which restrictions must be considered a "disproportionate interference with the rights of the company and passengers". Requests had been precise, in particular an agenda from Dublin to cancel any international travel measures announced since the end of last July. Ireland added instead that air carrier has no legal power to challenge the alleged restrictions; the impression is that even in the coming weeks the verbal "clash" will be very heated, given that Ryanair is supported in its action by Aer Lingus (read AVIONEWS).

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