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Hypersonic missiles, Russia bewildered after American statements

Washington could deploy rockets in Europe

Washington and Moscow do nothing to hide the mutual irritation and the reason always remains the same, hypersonic missiles (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). Yesterday, Thursday 29 October 2020, Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Russian foreign ministry, commented on the statements of Robert O'Brien, American national security adviser. According to O'Brien, the United States would be ready to use these missiles in Europe to send a strong message to Russia, discouraging it in the same field. Zakharova said she was baffled by such phrases, stressing that Washington should not try too hard to create alarmism and concern.

The spokeswoman also added to the dose: “The only thing the United States manages to discourage is the minimum effort to create constructive relations with Russia in terms of security and stability. Apparently Washington is pursuing other ends”. Zakharova recalled the unilateral moratorium on the deployment of hypersonic missiles, a commitment that will remain in force in the coming months. O'Brien's warning concerned precisely Europe and short and medium range missiles, an option that was evaluated and then set aside also in India to discourage China (see AVIONEWS). Unfortunately, nothing good is expected.

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