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Strategies of air carriers to reassure passengers on 737 Max

Aircraft have just been cleared to return to the skies

For B-737 Max yesterday, Wednesday November 18, 2020, was very important: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gave the green light to the use of the aircraft after endless months of investigations following the fatal accidents of 2018 and 2019 in Indonesia and Ethiopia (read also the article published by AVIONEWS). American experts have investigated the issue, showing what could be the strategies of the air carriers to not scare passengers and reassure about the improvement of software and safety (see AVIONEWS). In particular, the suffix "Max" is the one that scares the most from this point of view and cannot fail to be associated with the tragedies of a past not too far from the present day and which have claimed 346 victims.

This is why several airlines would be ready to propose air connections by talking about a 737-8 or 737-9, a new name useful for starting to “break the ice”. Alternatively, carriers could also reassure people who have booked travel with the unchangeable and cancellable ticket option in case of change of mind. The reimbursement and transformation of tickets into "credits" for future flights are also strategies under study and not to be excluded a priori. The first trips could take place as early as December, but an initially and understandably "shy" approach of customers was envisaged.

On the subject read also the article published by AVIONEWS.

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