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United Airlines wants to focus on supersonic aircraft

A new "youth" for the Concorde?

Flying in “friendly” skies: the commercial slogan that has been used for years by the American carrier United Airlines must not deceive. The company will focus a lot on friendship, but Chicago's ambitions are never lacking. Otherwise, the order of 15 supersonic aircraft would not be explained, a rather particular choice that makes the Concorde return to the fore after a very long time. The latter has been saying goodbye for almost two decades (in 2003 to be precise), but the US airline plans to put the special fleet into service starting in 2029. In addition, there will be a great advantage for environment, given that only “green” fuel will be used, a solution that is increasingly “fashionable” in the sector. The option optionally foresees another 35 supersonic, with the possibility of shortening air links relating to long haul. The emblematic example is that of the flight between London and New York which could last three and a half hours. As pointed out by United Airlines spokespersons, we look with confidence to air transport that is as durable as possible. Concorde had entered service in the mid-seventies after many tests, focusing above all on the aforementioned section relating to the United Kingdom and the United States. The sensitivity towards environmental issues and the tragic accident that cost the lives of 113 people marked the end of this model, even if the "revival" of the American carrier could be closer and closer.

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