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Omicron variant (2): restrictions for travel by aircraft

Tough measures in Germany and Austria; borders closed in Israel, Japan and Morocco

The fear of the Omicron variant spread of the coronavirus has prompted various governments to change the rules for travellers intending to enter certain Countries. Some in the airline industry think this puts Christmas at risk, while others believe it will not affect travel demand as much. Italy and many other Countries have already introduced restrictions on international flights with the closure of connections to and from some Nations in southern Africa. What about those who do not intend to give up their year-end travel? 

London is asking for a buffer before departure. Nowadays those entering France will only need a green pass issued by a European Union country or will have to show a negative result from a swab. Green certification will also be essential for access to museums, cinemas, bars and restaurants, as well as for taking planes, trains and long-distance buses. In Spain, rules vary depending on the country of origin risk category. Restrictions are stricter in Portugal which, in addition to the green pass, requires a molecular or antigenic test before boarding. Instead, it will be impossible to visit Austria until December 12 due to a new general lockdown. As well as in some regions of Germany such as Saxony. Finally, Israel, Japan and Morocco have sealed their borders in the run-up to Christmas. 

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