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Istanbul Airport reopens for first flights

Passenger protests after days of inconvenience; the roof of a terminal collapsed yesterday

After the first ever closure of Istanbul New Airport on Monday, airport officials announced that the 131 scheduled domestic and international flight connections will begin to take off by 11:00 am Italian time today. At this time, the airport operator said that the first flights have been restored: to the Venezuelan airport of Caracas and the US airport of Houston.

Yesterday, the airport only handled a handful of flights, mainly allowing transatlantic ones to land. Some passengers complained on social networks about the lack of regular updates from Turkish travel officials and customer service that was deemed poor. They asked for a hotel and in the end many slept in the terminal. 

Meanwhile, the blizzard that has been hitting Istanbul since the weekend caused the roof to collpse at one of the cargo terminals yesterday. Fortunately, there were no fatalities or injuries, but the damage to one of Europe's busiest airports is still considerable.

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