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Australia focuses on submarines

Government confirms: means deployed in 2027 to defend the coasts

The Australian government has reiterated that the modernization of the fleet of military submarines (now diesel-electric powered) is a crucial step for the country's independence in the maritime security sector, in particular as regards trade, laying and management of submarine telecommunications cables. The assets are expected to be deployed in Western Australia by 2027.

"It is the biggest leap in our military capability that we have had since the end of World War II. This, more than anything else we can do, will allow us in a rather difficult world to take care of ourselves", he said today the Australian Defense Minister, Richard Marles

The reference is to the purchase of up to five US "Virginia-class" nuclear-powered submarines with stealth and attack capabilities. Thanks to these it will be possible to improve the defense of 36,000 kilometers of coast in a quadrant, that of the Indo-Pacific, in which tensions between the countries are increasing, with China which is significantly increasing its military presence.

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