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Russia could test nuclear missile

According to satellite images detecting military activity at a base in the Arctic

Russia would be ready to carry out tests with missiles equipped with nuclear warheads. It was revealed by some satellite images, analyzed by the specialized company Sentinel Hub, recently published by some US media. The photographs demonstrate the conduct of military activities conducted at a Russian base in the Arctic, where there is a known missile launch site.

This is what emerges from an investigative report of the the US newspaper "New York Times". The images suggest Russia is preparing to test a nuclear-powered missile with a theoretical range of thousands of miles. Indirect confirmation came in the last two weeks: American military surveillance planes detected alarms in the area warning pilots to avoid nearby airspace.

According to a report by the non-profit group Nuclear Threat Initiative, Moscow had previously conducted 13 known nuclear tests between 2017 and 2019. Experts say the movements of planes and vehicles, recently photographed at the Russian Arctic base, are consistent with preparations carried out for tests of the SSC-X-9 "Burevestnik" Skyfall missile in 2017 and 2018.

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