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Libya will have four new airports

Announcement of Minister of Economy and Commerce Government of National Unity

The government of Libya announces the construction of four new airports in the near future. These are infrastructures that will be designed to strengthen the network of international flights. A move with which the North African country aims to create new transport infrastructure to further encourage and stimulate economic growth.

The development of the oil sector is having "a positive impact on the general economic situation, including price stability and increased growth". "We expect to reach a growth rate of 8 percent this year, which is the highest in the Mediterranean region", said Libya's unity government minister of economy and trade Mohamed al-Hwaij, interviewed by the television station "Sky News Arabia".

The head of the ministry recalled the projects being approved for the construction of large cross-border communication arteries and routes towards Africa, such as the road that will lead from the city of Misurata to Niger and the one that will connect Benghazi to Sudan and Chad states. Initiatives that fall within the framework of efforts aimed at encouraging private investors, both foreign and national, in particular oil companies, to bet on Libya.

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