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Norway’s first electric-powered flight takes to the skies

The Country has many airports

On Monday Norway’s Minister of Transport and Communications and Avinor’s CEO took part in Norway’s first electric-powered flight. The flight represents a key milestone in efforts to electrify Norwegian aviation.

Avinor and aviation industry partners are working to help Norway become a world leader in electric aviation. The objectives are for Norway to be the first country where electric aircraft account for a significant share of the market, and to electrify Norwegian domestic aviation by 2040. The project is supported by the government, and the project partners are Widerøe, SAS, the Norwegian Association of Air Sports, and climate foundation ZERO.

Avinor does not intend to charge landing fees for electric-powered light aircraft and will allow them to recharge at no cost until 2025. The government has asked Avinor to develop a programme for the introduction of electric aircraft. This will involve an evaluation of the various tools required to make the electrification of passenger aviation a success. In addition, Avinor will consider other key consequences, including possible conflicts between objectives, consequences for the climate and environment, and the effect on competition in Norwegian aviation.

With its vast mountainous regions and huge distances between towns and cities, Norway depends on an efficient aviation sector. The country has many airports spread the length and breadth of the country. This results in sometimes short flights with relatively few passengers.

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