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ITA Airways: today the Lufthansa offer

The German group is the only one in the data room, other proposals seem to be excluded

The Lufthansa Group should present its offer for the acquisition of a minority stake in the capital of the national air carrier ITA Airways on the table of the Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF) today. The entry of the Germans will take place through a capital increase, which could be around 350 million euros, which will guarantee them control of 35-40% of the company.

The negotiation with the Italian Executive arrives on the day in which the data room closes, that is the platform that allowed Lufthansa to monitor the performance of ITA Airways and to consult documents containing sensitive data. The German group is the only entity that has had access, so it seems excluded that other offers can arrive. Once the proposal has been received, the Mef will be able to start an exclusive negotiation, then sign a Memorandum of Undestanding (MoU); finally, the approval of the European antitrust will be needed. Waiting time 4-5 months.

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