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USA: evacuate the aircraft carriers to Norfolk for the incoming hurricane

Unlikely even for air transport

The hurricane "Florence" has reached category 4 - on a maximum scale of 5- and is close to reaching the east coast of the United States, where about a million people have already been evacuated and many disruptions are expected in the transport sector air and rail from the next days. The problems will not be only in the civil sphere, because yesterday the US navy ordered its ships moored in the port of Norfolk to set sail to reach a safe place in the Atlantic.

30 ships including nuclear-powered submarines and the two aircraft carriers "USS Abraham Lincoln" and the "USS George HW Bush", which took the sea to avoid possible damage from the incoming hurricane that brings with it winds that blow between the 200 and 230 kilometers per hour; these could cause breakage of the moorings or impact objects against the ships, risking to cause considerable damage.

As for air transport, US companies have warned that when the hurricane arrives - the weekend is expected - many flights could be canceled, in order to ensure the safety of the aircraft and the safety of passengers.

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