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Aircraft and transport in Italy. The strikes scheduled for May

Several protests planned on Tuesday 21

The Italian Ministry of Transport has published the list of strikes planned in the air transport sector.

The protests are all scheduled for Tuesday, May 21st.

21/05/2019 Cub workers in the aircraft, airport and satellite sector of the airports 24 hours (00:01am-11:59pm)

21/05/2019 Uilt-Uil Sacal company staff operating at Reggio Calabria airport 24 hours

21/05/2019 Usb Private work personnel air transport (flight crew and operating in the Italian airports) 24 hours (00:00am-11:59pm)

21/05/2019 Filt-Cgil/Fit-Cisl/Uilt-Uil/Ugl-TA employee company/air transport company workers 24 hours (00:00am-11:59pm)

21/05/2019 Anpac/Anpav flight crew of Alitalia Group company under extraordinary administration 24 hours (00:01am-midnight)

21/05/2019 AP -Pilots Association, Air Italy company staff 24 hours (00:01am-midnight)

21/05/2019 Anp technical flight crew of the Alitalia Group company under extraordinary administration 24 hours (00:00am-11:59pm)

21/05/2019 Cub Trasporti/Aircrewcommittee, a staff member of Alitalia-SAI company (Italian airline company) under special administration 24 hours (00:00am-11:59pm)

21/05/2019 Cub Trasporti union Sea Airports Milan-Linate and Malpensa 4 hours (10am-2pm)

21/05/2019 Usb private labor pilots, flight attendants and ground staff (all sectors) of the Alitalia-SAI Group and Cityliner 24 hours (00:00am-11:59pm)

21/05/2019 Filt-Cgil/Uilt-Uil/Ugl-TA Blue Air company flight crew 4 hours (10am-2pm)

21/05/2019 Filt-Cgil/Fit-Cisl/Uilt-Uil/Ugl-TA staff (pilots, flight attendants, shift workers and normalists) of the company Blue Panorama Airlines 4 hours (10am-2pm).

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