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Russia-Ukraine: meeting concluded; common points found

The 2nd round of negotiations is scheduled for the next few days

About 5 hours of talks between Moscow and Kiev to stop the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian side, also the Russian millionaire Abramovich at the table on the border with Belarus. According to the latest reports of both the Soviet and Ukrainian press, the delegations of the two countries in conflict would have found points on which it is possible to foresee common positions, so much so that they have agreed to continue the negotiation at a next meeting to be held in the coming days.

Regarding the outcome of the meeting, the phone call between the French President Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin has always raised fear in these hours, during which the latter firmly reiterated that among the conditions for putting an end to the conflict in Ukraine there is it is the demilitarization and de-Nazification of Kiev, that is, when it will have assumed the status of a neutral country, and there is also the international recognition of Crimea as a Russian territory. The Russian position therefore appears to have been completely softened, and this poses a serious threat to the positive resolution of the negotiations, seen by most with great skepticism.

Meanwhile, as we write the news, the report talks about the echo of strong explosions felt near and in the center of Kiev.

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