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Plane crash in China: hypothesis on the crash

From technical problem to intentional gesture nothing can be excluded

After the crash of the B-737 airplane of the Chinese airline China Eastern Airlines in a mountainous area of Guangxi province, that caused 132 victims yesterday, the first hypotheses on the causes that would have determined the incident are emerging: from technical problem to intentional gesture. To have a confirmation it will be necessary to wait for the verification of the black boxes (FDR, Flight Data Recorder; CVR, Cockpit Voice Recorder). 

In a video released by the Chinese media, the plane is seen falling, almost vertically, towards the ground. It is a "sign that either nothing could be done on board or it was decided to do exactly that. Either colleagues have lost the use of the flight controls because something broke on board or the system went out of order or they deliberately fly it towards the ground", an airline pilot explains to the newspaper "Il Corriere della Sera". 

"I exclude deficiencies in controls and maintenance: the Chinese authorities are very strict. It cannot be denied that in terms of transparency and publication of investigation reports, on air accidents China is not exactly an excellence". 

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