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Taiwan: military exercise at the airport

Simulated rejection of an air attack to control the stopover

The Taiwan Air Force conducted a military exercise for the first time today at its main airport in Taiwan. Six helicopters participated, including an Apache and about 180 soldiers. It is a simulation that involves repelling an air attack conducted by an enemy force trying to take control of the airport. 

The simulation is part of a larger program of exercises called "Han Kuang", which began on Monday 24 July, focused on the need to protect infrastructure and target incoming enemy ships. The goal is to keep the main seaways open, by defending the relative airspace, which connect the island with the mainland. 

The training was organized at a time when China is ramping up its military pressure to force the island to accept Beijing's sovereignty. The latter, in fact, sees Taiwan as a rebel island to be brought back under its control, even by force. For the past three years, it has organized regular exercises around the island to make Taipei submit to China's claim to sovereignty.

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