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USA: transport agency criticizes Boeing

NTSB letter to American senators on meeting with CEO David Calhoun

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has announced that investigators have not yet been able to understand who installed the plug door of the B-737 MAX 9 plane, operated by the US company Alaska Airlines, which exploded in flight on January 5 2024. The question is: was the work done by the SpiritAerosystem company or by Boeing? The Group claims that documents are missing, while camera footage is overwritten.

"The absence of such documents will complicate the progress of the NTSB investigation". "To date we still don't know who carried out the work of opening, reinstalling and closing the door cap of the aircraft involved in the incident". Boeing CEO David Calhoun was asked to provide "the names of the 25 people who performed the work (at the 737 factory in Renton, Washington, En), but he said he was unable to provide those information and claimed that Boeing has no documentation of the work performed", explained NTSB president Jennifer Homendy.

The meeting between Calhoun and Homendy is included in a letter sent by the president of NTSB to the US senators, which states that investigators sought the footage taken from the security camera in September 2023, when the plug door had been opened and closed, but investigators were informed that the video had been overwritten (policies rule it to happen after 30 days). In any case, Homendy criticized Boeing's "lack of cooperation".

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