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London: Raf scramble jet airplane alert to intercept Russian aircraft

Approaching in the national airspace. The UK media reported it

Jet aircraft from the British Royal Air Force (RAF) took off this morning to intercept Russian planes off the Scottish coast. British media reported it, according to two Typhoon airplanes departed from the Lossiemouth base in Scotland due to the approach to British airspace by Russian aircraft.

A spokesperson for the RAF affirmed that: "We can confirm that Tyhpoon planes of quick reaction to the alarms took off this morning from our base in Lossiemouth; this is an ongoing operation and so we will not provide any additional information until the mission is completed".

Scrambling is a military term that defines the action to taking off one or more interceptor fighter aircraft to intercept and identify an unknown airplane that invades or is about to violate national sovereignty.

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