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EC (2). Aire supports Parliament call for urgent action against ATC delays

The note issued by Airlines International Representation in Europe

AIRE (Airlines International Representation in Europe) members welcome the confirmation by Commissioner Bulc and EP Committee on Transport and Tourism Chair Karima Delli that growing air traffic should be celebrated as the sign of a healthy European economy and that infrastructure must adapt accordingly instead of hampering this positive trend.

Some Air Navigation Service Providers are doing a great job while others are choosing to increase their profit instead of realising the required investments, despite those being pre-financed by airlines.

Delays due to lack of capacity or strikes generated by some Area Control Centers (ACCs) are ruining the good performance of others and of the European network as a whole.

Passengers are unfortunately the first victims of delays and cancellations. It is also extremely costly for the economy as a whole, for tourism, for the environment and for the airlines.

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