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Active exoskeleton tested in Russia

If it will be used, the conflicts would change

TsNIITochMash, a Russian arms and manufacturing company, would have successfully developed and tested an active exoskeleton prototype, thanks to which a man would hit targets with a machine gun by holding it with one hand, and which would allow a single person to carry a huge load compared with current human capabilities. This revelation is coming from the chief designer of the Oleg Faustov system.

Even if the prototype test would have given good results, the problem is that it lacks such a powerful and compact power source that the developed exoskeleton can be used on the battlefield. Without powerful energy sources its use will remain only a fantasy worthy of a science fiction movie, but nevertheless the Russian army would like to equip its troops with these aids by 2025. Less than 10 years still to carry out a difficult and expensive scientific research so that the capacities of the batteries are increased.

The Ratnik-3 system that would have been tested successfully would replace the second generation of mechanical exoskeletons, which are currently used by Russian armed forces to relieve the load of soldiers during the transport of heavy backpacks, which would be difficult to transport for long distances without causing damage to muscles and bones. Before arriving at a system powered by electricity, it will probably be necessary to wait a long time, but when the research arrived at a solution, the use of large-scale exoskeletons could change the face of conflicts.

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