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USAF: the new training aircraft will be announced by the end of September

Favored the "clean-sheet" presented by Boeing and Saab. The quotation for the T-100 is down

After the US Air Force (USAF) has received all the offers from the various aerospace industries involved in the tender for new generation advanced training aircraft, in the coming weeks it will be -as reported by "Defense News"- announced the winner of the contract for 350 of these aircraft.

Among the companies competing for the TX program -worth about $ 16 billion- necessary to find the substitute for the old Northrop T-38 Talon is Leonardo DRS who proposed the T-100, which is an explicitly modified version of the M-346 in use in Italy, Poland and Israel. Against the "Italian" company -which will build in the event of victory the aircraft in the American plants- there are those proposed by Saab together with Boeing and that of Lockheed Martin and Korea Aerospace Industries, or a training version of the T-50A.

The USAF would like to publicly announce the winner during the last week of September, at the end of the annual conference of the US Air Force Associations scheduled in Washington.

If at first it was thought that Leonardo's proposal could eventually be the winning one, since the plane is practically ready and well tested (having been in service for years), the idea put forward by Boeing and Saab not to present an airplane but a "clean-sheet" on which to work together with pilots and Usaf flight instructors could prove to be the winning one.

Soon you will know who won the race is it will close the history of the Talon, but above all the USAF will finally have a new plane for advanced training since it is from 2010 that is in search of the substitute.

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