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Aircraft. Malaysia: for the Russians the MH17 was shot down by the Ukrainians

The Buk missile would have been supplied to the armed forces of Kiev -VIDEO

The debate/clash between Russia and the West continues on the Boeing B-777/200ER plane of Malaysia Airlines shot down by an anti-aircraft Buk missile on July 17, 2014. If the MH17 flight was hit by the Russian forces over the Dutch investigation the skies of the Donetsk region, for the investigation carried out by Russia, the missile was launched by the Ukrainian armed forces. To make it known was the head for the management of missiles and artillery of the military state lieutenant general Nikolai Parshin, who spoke to the Russian press saying that thanks to the serial numbers found on the wreckage of the Buk it was possible to deduce that it was produced in 1986 and was owned by Kiev.

The serial number would be 8868720 and Parshin illustrated the "history" of the missile, produced at Dolgoprudny in 1986 and delivered to the 20152 military unit which was stationed in Ukraine and which is now called the 223th anti-aircraft defense regiment of the Ukrainian armed forces, which has participated in the clashes in the east of the country since 2014. Russia has therefore accused the Kiev armed forces of having fired the Russian production missile that shot down the plane of Malaysia Airlines, and at the same time the meeting with journalists Parshin announced that the defense ministry will transmit all the data collected to the Dutch investigators team, who had found two different serial numbers on the Buk missile fragments.

Below, the videoreconstruction carried out by the Dutch investigators.

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