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Nuclear radiation in Russia: 16 times the allowed limit

A new treaty is needed as soon as possible

On August 8 in the Russian city of Severodvinsk an explosion occurred which caused the release of dangerous nuclear radiation and the death of 7 people (see AVIONEWS). On August 18 there were funerals attended by thousands of people from the 5 dead engineers, now buried in Sarov, the city where the first Russian research center on atomic weapons is located.

According to a statement of August 19 by the Russian news agency "Tass" the level of contamination has grown by 16 times: a situation different from that initially feared by the Russian Defense Minister who had played down the threat of radiation, stating that the limits were remained "normal".

US President Trump said on Twitter: "We are acquiring information on the missile explosion. We have a similar technology, although more advanced. The outbreak has caused concerns about air quality both near and relatively far to the plant. It is not good”.

A context that invites everyone to meet as soon as possible for a new nuclear negotiation, given the US exit from the INF (see AVIONEWS).

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AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency