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USA launch missiles after leaving INF

The United States responds to Moscow's statements

On Sunday August 18, the United States tested a medium-range missile after the August 2 issue of the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) on nuclear power (see AVIONEWS). The test was performed in California, near the island of San Nicolas: the missile, which would have been banned before leaving the agreement, covered more than 500 km. A maneuver that is configured as a response to Russia, which a few minutes before the announcement of the US test had declared that it would not deploy short and medium-range missiles in those areas of the planet where there will be no corresponding American weapons.

Mark Esper, US Secretary of Defense stated that once out of the treaty "America would develop conventional surface-to-air missiles".

At 74 years of age from Hiroshima and Nagasaki (see AVIONEWS) the world seems to have forgotten the bloody teachings of the Second World War: the atomic threat not only looms in different parts of the globe, but also the radioactive accident in Russia on August  8 (see AVIONEWS) a few days after the commemoration of the most terrifying nuclear disaster in history, it assumes the disturbing form of a "memento mori" towards humanity.

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