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North Korea: no dialogue with USA if military exercises with Seoul will continue

A new cold war?

Pyongyang declared today on August 22 that it had no interest in resuming nuclear dialogue with the US until the Americans stop "hostile military activities". North Korea, which in recent weeks has launched "warning missiles" against the United States and South Korea (see AVIONEWS) to reaffirm its disapproval of the joint military exercises of Washington and Seoul and it has carried out the miniaturization of its titles that will allow them to mount them on ballistic missiles (see AVIONEWS).

Stephen Biegun, US special envoy for Korea, said Tuesday after a meeting with  Lee Do-hoon a special South Korean Representative for the Korean Peninsula's Peace and Security Affairs: "We are ready to start discussions as soon as we hear our North Korean counterparts".

The position by the spokesman of the Korean Foreign Ministry first condemned the US choices to deploy F-35 fighter planes and carry out the medium-range missile test considering the maneuvers as an attempt to "unleash a new cold war" and then he declared to the "KCNA" news agency: "This forces us to consider a realistic way to focus more on strengthening physical deterrence. We maintain our position to peacefully resolve all issues through confrontation and negotiation. However we are not interested in military threats".

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