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"Bavar 373": the new Iranian missile is arrived

Rouhani: "if the enemy attacks we cannot just pray not to do it" - VIDEO

The new "Bavar 373" missile system was presented today by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on the occasion of National Defense Industry Day. The new armament comes in the context of a climate of strong tension with the United States and Europe to the point that Rouhani declared: "If our enemy hits us with missiles, we cannot just pray saying 'mr rocket, please don't hit our country and our innocent people. Mr rocket launcher, please push a button and self-destruct the missile in the air".

Defined by Tehran as very similar to the S-400 but far better than the S-300, it is capable of flying at an altitude of 27 km, it recognizes 100 targets simultaneously and it can attack with 6 different weapons.

Below, the video of the presentation of "Bavar 737" with the president of Iran:

RC3 - 1223817

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