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Iran: the US lift the sanctions and we will start the dialogue

Never wanted nuclear weapons for a "fatwa"

The world seemed to see a glimmer of light following the words by French President Emmanuel Macron about a possible resumption of dialogue between Usa and Iran (see AVIONEWS), immediately cooled by Trump's refusal to eliminate US sanctions that are strangling the economy of Tehran (see AVIONEWS).

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on August 27 during the "National Action on Housing Construction Scheme" in Tehran said: "Iran does not seek tensions with the world. We want security in the Middle East. We want better and friendly ties with other countries", but he said that before opening any negotiations or even thinking about a meeting with the US, the peremptory condition is "to remove all sanctions".

In a context of strong crisis between Tehran and Washington characterized by threatening and repartee on the use of nuclear power, Rouhani's statements are ashtoning: according to Iran, it has never wanted nuclear weapons because of the "fatwa" of the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who issued a religious decree in 2000 prohibiting the use, research and development of nuclear weapons.

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