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US MC-130J airplane flies along the "midline" between China and Taiwan

Nothing abnormal, but unusual

Today, on August 29, according to the Taiwan Defense Ministry, a US Commando MC-130J tanker flew along the border line between the China and the Island. It left the Kadena air base in Japan, reached the Straits and then went to Bashi, but Taipei said that "nothing abnormal was detected during the flight".

Beijing considers Taiwan an autonomous province and their relations are rather complex both due to the dispute over Taiwanese political status after the administration of the Island, transferred at the end of World War II from Japan to China and the outbreak in 1946 of a civil war, both for the question of the demarcation of the boundaries of the waters that divide the two countries nicknamed the "Two Chines". Relations between the governments of Beijing and Taipei were characterized by limited contacts, pressures and instability, given that the conflict ended only formally with the signing of a peace treaty but the two countries are technically still in a state of war. It's an unusual move for an American military aircraft to make an appearance in this "highly sensitive" area: the so-called "midline" is a border that was established precisely with the end of the 1949 civil war.

The position by the United States that, after diplomatic recognition and the alliance with Taiwan in 1979, therefore continued to offer support also through the sale of weapons such as the recent USD 8 billion agreement for the supply of F-16V combat aircraft (see AVIONEWS). Given the increase in tensions between the US and China (and trade war), even a simple flight can raise suspicion.

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