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Iranian rocket exploded on its launch pad

The missile remains from the satellite images

On August 29, a Tehran rocket exploded on its launch platform in the space center of Imam Ruhollah Khomein at the Iranian province of Semnan. The exercise, criticized by the United States for an alleged correlation to Iran's illicit nuclear weapons program (see AVIONEWS), would constitute the third failed missile take-off in the Country in 2019. The media and state officials have not claimed responsibility for the incident, but satellite photos by "Planet Labs" show black smoke rising from a shipping base along with charred remains of a missile. In the past few days, satellite information had shown the "refurbished" and painted launch base of blue, as if it was preparing for an important event.

"Whatever it was there, it broke out and we can see the smoking rubble", said David Schmerler from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies.

The United States claims that these tests challenge a UN Security Council resolution calling on Iran not to engage in any ballistic missile-related activity.

In the last decade Tehran has sent several satellites into orbit and in 2013 it also launched a monkey into the space (see AVIONEWS).

RC3 - 1223974

AVIONEWS - World Aeronautical Press Agency