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Wars in progress: looking at the conflicts of the world

69 States and 824 groups involved

A cliché says that there are conflicts in the world that are hardly spoken of. To date on September 3, 2019, according to the site "Wars in the world" on the planet are 69 States at war and 824 militias of guerrillas and separatist terrorist groups involved.

In Africa there are 30 and 265 conflicts in hostilities. The hot spots are Burkina Faso (affected by clashes between ethnic groups), Egypt is committed against the militants of the Islamic State, Libya with a civil war in progress is the cause, together with the conflict in Nigeria, of most migratory flows that come to Italy, a key element of the heated discussions by our former government (see AVIONEWS); the Central African Republic (devastated by religious clashes between Muslims and Christians). Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia and Sudan are engaged against rebel groups.

In Asia, there are 16 States and 181 militias and terrorist groups involved, although Afghanistan (see AVIONEWS), Pakistan and Thailand (the object of a coup d'état by the Army), Burma-Myanmar in battle against Islamic militants.

Europe has 9 countries and 82 conflagration militias including Chechnya, Daghestan, Ukraine and Artsakh.

The Middle East, a place rich in oil resources and tensions with the West above all of American origin, has 7 States and 260 groups of guerrillas. The countries in sharp opposition are Iraq, Israel  Syria (see AVIONEWS) and Yemen.

In the Americas 7 States fighting and 30 militias, groups and drug cartels concerned, including Colombia and Mexico.

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