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Russia modernizes the Arctic airport in Amderma

Work completed in 2022: from an old base for interceptor aircraft to civil aviation airport

The restructuring of the Amderma airport complex will be completed by 2022, according to the authorities of the autonomous Northwestern Region of Nenec to the Russian press. "We have all the necessary documents. The airport will start work before July 2022", the regional government press office said it. The infrastructure will have renewed the runway, the taxiway, the terminal and other facilities and services, thanks to the federal allocation of 787.92 million rubles ($ 12 million).

The infrastructure was born in 1956 as an airfield and until 1993 it was used as a military base for interceptor fighters. The facility will be into the light of the news when during the Cold War from here June 1st, 1960 a MiG-19 took off, which shot down a Boeing RB-47H that was crossing Cape Kanin Nos. Since the 1960s the airfield was the site of the 72nd Guards Interceptor Aviation Regiment, of the 10th OA PVO, which operated on over 30 MiG-31 aircraft in the period 1991-1994. In the 1960s the Tupolev Tu-128s were also allocated there.

The airport currently has an active concrete runway that is 2,600 long and 50 m wide, which allows the take-off/landing of all types of helicopters, and of Antonov An-2, Antonov An-24, Antonov An-26, Antonov An-30, Antonov An-74, Ilyushin Il-18, Ilyushin Il-76, Tupolev Tu-134, Tupolev Tu-154, Tupolev Tu-204, Yakovlev Yak-40, Yakovlev Yak-42 and all planes lower class. The maximum take-off weight from the runway is 200 t.

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