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Turkey's non-stop air raids in Syria

Trump: ISIS prisoners are arriving in Europe

Turkey's air raids on Syria continue: yesterday afternoon in the northeast against 181 Kurdish targets of the People's Protection Unit (see AVIONEWS) and this night in northern Iraq.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense has declared: "The operation continues with success according to plan, the pre-established objectives have been conquered and the offensive has been going on by air and land".

US President Donald Trump announced he was not alarmed by ISIS prisoners who fled from Damascus after the US deployment from northern Syria. And he added: "They are about to flee to Europe. That's where they want to go. They want to go home".

The Kurds hold about 12,000 guerrillas in the prisons of the self-proclaimed Islamic State. The fear is that the resurgence of the terrorist movement will be triggered.
Trump announced that the United States has transported some of the most dangerous Isis soldiers from Syrian prisons to an unknown place where they can be guarded during the Ankara attacks.

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