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Russia: "Thunder 2019" is ready for military training

Hundreds of planes involved and missile experiments

An important military exercise "Thunder 2019" will begin from today until October 17 in Russia. The head of the section for international military cooperation of the Russian Ministry of Defense Yevgeny Ilyin who communicated this to the foreign military attaches during a briefing declared: "The exercise is of a defensive nature and is not aimed at any other country in particular".

The training will involve around 12,000 troops, 213 strategic missile launchers, 105 aircraft, 15 surface ships, five submarines and hundreds of military units. Cruise rockets and ballistic missiles RSM-50 (SS-N-18), Yars (SS-29), Sineva (SS-N-23) in northwest Russia will be launched.

"Yars" is a Russian strategic solid fuel missile system, which can carry three to four 300 kiloton thermonuclear warheads. "Sineva" is a three-stage liquid propellant rocket used by strategic submarines, it can be equipped with four high-speed warheads with a capacity of 500 kilotons each and its maximum capacity can exceed 11,000 kilometers.

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