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Europe-Turkey: selling arms outage will have an impact?

Ankara's independence in the defense sector

Europe has decided to block the sale of arms to Turkey (see AVIONEWS) which responded, through the pro-government Ankara newspaper "Sabah" that the latest announcements "have no impact or have very limited repercussions on Defense capabilities and stocks of the Turkish military. The Ankara defense industry has made considerable progress in reducing its dependence on foreign products and the development of the Defense sector has ensured the success of Turkey's counter-terrorism operations both at home and abroad, particularly in the northern Iraq and Syria, without having to rely on imported products". Ankara's military investments grew by 65% between 2009 and 2018, reaching $ 19 billion.

4574 million dollars were spent on the purchase of helicopters and warplanes including the US F-16s used to bomb Syria. The Italian embargo does not affect the production of helicopters given the constant collaboration between Turkey and Russia: without citing the recent agreement concerning the sale of S-400 (see AVIONEWS) Ankara can also draw from Moscow regarding missiles. As for the armored vehicles, the import fell almost to zero as the Turkish company "Aselsan" now produces them independently. The manufacture of heavy artillery, anti-torpedo systems, missile batteries, drone aircraft and unmanned aircraft are also independent. For example the Bayraktar Tb2 drones used in Syria, are produced by the company "Baykar", founded by the father of Erdogan 's son-in-law, Selcuk Bayraktar.

However, Maria Edgarda Marcucci, known as "Eddi", an 28-year-old Italian who fought in Syria alongside Kurdish women against ISIS with the Women's Protection Unit (YPJ) said: "Italy can play a positive role because there is the opportunity to give a strong signal". Today the prosecutor's office in Turin will request special surveillance for her and two other soldiers engaged in the past in Damascus.

Jacopo Bindi, a young Italian ex-volunteer in Syria said: "The attack by Turkey is unjustified and heralds an ethnic substitution on those territories. At least 800 jihadists have been able to escape thanks to these attacks and the Islamic State is recovering strength and is returning offensive initiatives to the civilian population" (see AVIONEWS).

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