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US-Turkey: sanctions lifted and the purchase of F-35 missiles and aircraft is ok

Turkish Defense Minister: "All differences will be resolved"

US President Donald Trump said he would eliminate the sanctions in Ankara after the truce in Syria. "The American agreement on Syria has saved the lives of thousands of Kurds. We have avoided a military intervention that could have cost the lives of thousands of people. A small number of US troops is staying in Syria to protect the oil fields "Let others fight this long battle on blood-soaked sand. The United States reserves the right to increase sanctions against Turkey if human rights are violated".

Although not declared by the American leader, Russia's role in obtaining the diplomatic result was fundamental (see AVIONEWS).

The Turkish defense minister, Hulusi Akar , opened the purchase of "Patriot" missiles and F-35 war jet planes from the United States and said: "All differences will be resolved because we are NATO allies" and added consider "temporary" the position taken by some countries of the European Union to suspend the sale of armaments to Turkey.

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