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"Open Skies": new reconnaissance while Trump signs to exit

Pressures to maintain the agreement

Between today 28 October and Friday November 1, Russia will conduct an observation flight in Latvia under the "Open Skies" treaty. The director of the Russian nuclear risk reduction center Sergey Ryzhkov stated that the reconnaissance will be carried out by an An-30B aircraft. Simultaneously Sweden, Denmark and Norway will fly into Russian skies on a Saab-340 plane that will take off from Kubinka airport.

According to a rumor from the "Wall Street Journal" the administration of US President Donald Trump would have signed the first documents to leave the thirty-year "Open Skies" agreement designed to reduce the risk of a war between Russia and the West. The withdrawal would mark a further step towards the dismantling of arms control, already crushed by the exit of the Americans from the Treaty on intermediate-range nuclear forces (see AVIONEWS).

Allied Nations are pressing for preserving "Open Skies". "The treaty on open skies is one of the basic international treaties in the field of security and control of European armaments and Ukraine wants to maintain it", declared the Foreign Ministry of Kiev.

According to some US officials, Russia would have prevented the United States and Canada from flying near a military base on September 20, but Moscow officials said they fully respected the agreements.

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