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"Bulava" missile launched by the Russian submarine "Prince Vladimir"

Navy military test successful

A Russian military test was successful this morning in the Far Eastern Kamchatka region. A "Bulava" missile was launched from the White Sea and Moscow's Defense Ministry said that the operation was performed for the first time ever by the nuclear-powered submarine called "Knyaz Vladimir" ("Prince Vladimir") and added: "The launch of the rocket was carried out correctly and its warheads reached the target within the stipulated time. The operation was recorded by the data control equipment".

This year the submarine is completing the tests of its weaponry before being handed over to the navy in December and later becoming operational in the Northern fleet. The "Prince Vladimir" is the first strategic submersible cruiser built with the "Progetto 955A" and is characterized by a remarkable acoustic silence, important execution capabilities in deep waters and an improved arms control system compared to the previous versions. All "Borei" class submarines can carry up to 16 "Bulava" missiles.

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