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Turkey: possible slip to 2020 of the second lot S-400

Joint production and technology sharing with Russia

In Turkey, the delivery of a second batch of Russian S-400 missile defense systems could be shifted to 2020. The United States has stated that these weapons represent a threat to its F-35 Lockheed Martin fighter planes and warned Ankara on possible sanctions several times, but despite this, the first lot arrived in July. Washington responded by removing Turkey from the F-35 program, where Ankara was producer and buyer hoping to convince his ally to "move away" from Russian technology. Instead, Turkey has replied that it will procure combat aircraft from the Russians if the United States refuses to deliver the jets.

The undersecretary of defense Ismail Demir said: "We are scheduling the calendar for next year. Unlike the first lot, in the second we are planning joint production and sharing of the technology. It is a more complex situation than the 'buy it and install it quickly' which has characterized the first system. The financial and strategic aspects of the offer will be carefully evaluated, it cannot be a rash decision". And he added: "It is not correct to say 'the era of the F-35 is closed', rather 'the era of the Su-35 is starting'".

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