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Airplane transport. Strikes France (2): slowdowns towards airports

Thirteenth day of protests

Thirteenth day of strike for transport in Paris (see AVIONEWS). A new demonstration is scheduled for today to protest against the pension reform of Emmanuel Macron and there will be disruptions with traffic jams and slowdowns on the roads and towards the airports. Missing a week at Christmas and it is feared that the city will remain blocked.

Jean-Paul Delevoye, high commissioner for pensions appointed two years ago by the French president to structure the social security system reform project, has decided to resign. Meanwhile, it seems that the protests have allowed some "concession" by the Government: minimum pension guaranteed at EUR 1000, legal age at 62, increases for "parents of large families" are among the measures of the French premier Edouard Philippe. "The time has come to build a universal system of pensions, we propose a new pact between the generations, a faithful pact in its spirit to what the national council of resistance has imagined and implemented in the post-war period", said the leader who has declared to have listened and understood the French.

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